Monday, May 24, 2010

Cute N Trendy Shirt...~

Very Cute T-shirt
Free Size

1 Design, 1 pc only
Price: RM 18
(Free Postage)

CT 01

CT 02

CT 03

CT 05

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sexy Dress.....~

Sexy dress 1

Price: RM 45
(free postage)
Colour: Purple
Status: Available

~pic of the dress~
Code: SD01A

~view at the top~

~view at the bottom~

Sexy dress 2

Price: RM 45
(free postage)
2 colour:
1. Blue
2. Black
Status: Available

Code: SD02A

Code: SD02B

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Plain T-shirt...~

What ur daily clothes? For me, Jeans + t-shirt = Simple & Beautiful (Simple formula to look nice anytime, anywhere). Do u agree wif me?

To a shirt lover, i have stock for plain t-shirt (short & long sleeve). Why plain? Klu byk corak sgt pun, bley buat mata serabut, kn?

So wif right colour of shirt + right fashion style (jeans or slack or legging), will make guys cant take their eyes on you. Huhuhuhuhu...

Dont believe me? Try la.... Choose ur fav colour & style it ur way.

Short Sleeve

Material: 100% Cotton
Kain Sejuk Dipakai
6 Colour:
1. Hijau (Size M only) - SOLD OUT!
2. Biru (Size M, L & XL)
3. Putih (Size L & XL)
4. Purple (Size L & XL) - SOLD OUT!
5. Hitam (Size M & L)
6. Pink (Size L & XL)

Price: RM 15
(free postage)

Long Sleeve

Material: 100% Cotton
Kain Sejuk Dipakai
2 Colour: Kelabu Asap & Putih Krim
Size M, L & XL

Price: RM 18
(free postage)